Key Facts


Funatics Software is one of Germany’s most experienced and renowned game development studios. The excellent reputation of the studio (founded in 1998) is based on the team’s enormous experience which results in a highly efficient and quality-oriented development of top titles.


Games are our passion! Funatics specialize in developing games for the international market – games which stand out due to their riveting gaming experience and a rich atmosphere.

Gaming fun is clearly in the foreground – still, Funatics focuses on a basic principle which is rarely achieved in the gaming industry: "in Time, in Budget, in Quality", as proven by the Funatics team’s most recent successes:

  • The city-building strategy hit "The Settlers: Heritage of Kings", which was developed in close cooperation with the BlueByte team in 2004 and has sold roughly ½ million copies worldwide.
  • The recent release of the city-building classic remake "The Settlers II: 10th Anniversary", which was developed in just under a year and received both immensely positive resonance from fans as well as excellent scores in games magazines.
  • The real-time-strategy hit "ParaWorld", which was released on September 16th 2006 and has received excellent scores in the games press. Funatics took a crucial role in the completion of this project by intensive consulting and cooperation with the SEK team.